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Bread Farms Ice Cream Cake

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream! Feel young again, and scream your lungs out with Bread Farms, ‘Ice Cream Cake’. From a glance this strains structure consists of nice dense bright green and purple-ish buds, intense thick layer of trichomes with an added immense sparkles of white frost that’ll have patients looking for Elsa from Frozen. Opening a jar of this strain, will have you extremely giddy and taken back as to how much the strains fragrance resembles cake mix. In addition to the appearance, Ice Cream Cakes breakdown is a real ninth wonder. Stand to close, and you’ll catch more than a drip but a heavily resin’d and adhesive Kief residue that’ll leave your thumb and index finger stuck together. Now for the moment, everyone has been waiting for, the smoke! Once inhaled, nearby patients report a smell of pastries, however the consumer reports a smooth and delicious experience when medicating. However, upon exhale there is a noted earthy, sweet after taste more pungent upon exhale as opposed to the initial inhale. Lastly, almost immediately after medicating patients are swept away with an intense head high that trickles throughout the body, leaving consumers completely tranquilized. Also, as time progresses, consumers become immobilized and eventually all conversation will cease to exist, cure all pain and stress, while being in a complete dessert bliss.

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